Looking back at Bunratty

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Today’s blog post is fitting for a Thursday, known to many on social media as ‘Throwback Thursday’, as it’s about an old photo we found in the office. As you can see above, Bunratty village in this photo is very different to how Bunratty looks today! We’re not certain when it was taken, any ideas?, we’re guessing the late 1980s, early 1990s as the N18 dual carriageway was developed around this time.

Gallagher’s of Bunratty is very different in this snap, as you can see below. The cottages that now house Gallagher’s and JP Clarke’s are there but as two distinct buildings and the surrounds are not developed as they are now with outdoor seating and car parking. Most of our neighbours, except Bunratty Castle, have really changed and it’s interesting to see how our village has developed since this photo. It might be time to get another aerial photo taken!

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